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I work and stay updated with today’s web technologies in both front and backend development. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, BootStrap and more depending on project needs, client technologies already in place and(or) upcoming/trend technology platforms. My tried and true stack is usually the LAMP stack that I work with and on. It makes working with web platforms (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla, Concrete5, Magento etc… much easier as we create websites.

I have been working with websites since 1998 lol! I once used FrontPage in the 90s lol! Yikes! Through that time I’ve seen and worked with the various design and development tools (I was once bullish on Flash/ActionScript until Steve Jobs killed it.  Today, my tools range for client web needs and usually begin with creating graphic mockups, examples, etc to then move into development. I run a full suite of Adobe CC to get these UI areas designed.


Custom, Plugins & Themes

Today I work with WordPress primarily because it provides many goals needed. The first is time. The rapid pace that I can get WordPress up, modify, and customize it makes price points in cost/maintenance attractive for clients. After years of doing this, most advanced users will not just look at the features of what a web technology provides but also the business questions that apply to the client. It’s one way I filter providers who understand the now and the future.

I can create themes from scratch but would challenge any business owner and(or) developer as to why? I have created and worked with hundreds of themes, theme developers, and after frustrating nights, abandoned themes, slow evolving features…A certain understanding on using themes and creating custom ones come to light. I’ve got my professional theme builders that I work with as I get the features from masters and also have the ability to edit/modify a theme if needed. Depending on the client and budget, I can meet the need.

I also have a few plugins published as well for commercial/marketing purposes.



As mentioned briefly above, I work with LAMP based servers primarily when it comes to websites and cloud applications. For those that don’t have a background in this it stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. I have been working with servers, routers, data center technology since 1998 when I interned at MCI/WorldComm. There I attained certifications like a CCNA and MCP at the time. This knowledge has evolved over time and has helped me with a base as i learned and evolved website design and development.

Today, I help companies provision servers depending on their needs, technology and budget. From dedicated servers, to VPS, Google Cloud Compute, Amazon AWS, to simple website hosting solutions. It all depends on what the client will need and can afford. I own my own dedicated server running CentOS/WHM/cPanel with a variety of Linux based software extensions that I use as a test development server. example… rather it be “test live” then desktop live via XAMPP.



I have created various custom backend solutions for clients through the U.S. I stumbled into this area of work when working with a client and they asked for a simple solution to create quotes online via a browser. Since then it expanded, I learned more, and continue to grow and maintain these development projects for clients. See my case study section for examples.

I have chosen the PHP/Laravel/MVC models to develop all backend software for client needs. With UI kits readily available, it has helped speed up professional development of custom backend needs for clients. My challenges in this area has been to deliver on low cost budgets and I have created solutions that companies like SAP could not compete with.