My background is highly technical in nature as for the last 20 years it has been involved in several disciplines. From I.T. corporate data centers to military microwave/satellite field deployments overseas. I have been exposed to many areas of tech. I like “getting my hands dirty” and actually doing, tinkering and operating things and it has lead me to always learning something new along the way personally and professionally.

Depending on what your industry is involved in, I can quickly get up to speed with the industry if needed to better create I.T. and or marketing solutions. I like this ground up approach because it has helped me develop things for example like software workflow systems better along the way on behalf of companies I work with.



I worked in the U.S. Marines from 2000-2004 as a AN/TRC 170 repair and operations technician and various other field level equipment. There I learned all things radio. From RF bands, telecommunication nets, satellite communications, signals, crypto handling, and overall needs for forward operating units. I deployed to Iraq, Afghangistan and Djibouti, Africa in my time helping in operations and instruction.

Today I also work with Millimeter Wave Products Inc. out of Largo, FL where I am the Information Technology Director. I can speak RF bands, licensed, unlicensed, WR sizes, 5G technology etc…My background helps me assist in areas of testing equipment, antenna plotting/testing in our anechoic chamber, or bench testing. While its not my job, I  like helping as it has helped e create workflow software solutions that help the everyday needs of the company, staff, sales teams and more.



I went to one of the longest electronic training schools the U.S. Military has to offer. The training went as far as understanding schematics for RF equipment, troubleshooting all the way down to components (waveguides,capacitors,transistors) and repairing them. Field level units never got to do this  level (we troubleshooted to box level and swapped) of work so that knowledge has since dwindles.

What this knowledge did strengthen was my I.T. career It helped me understand the levels of computing, OSI model, and programming at its core as I got to see how performing an action went through the main layers of abstraction to become bits to transmit either by cables or RF frequencies.



I have not had the time to invest full in becoming a full app developer. So, I have done the next best thing. I hired someone to show me, work with me, and help me develop some apps.The biggest reason was so I could understand the layout of whats needed, development platforms, process, procedures and everything included. I have handled more the U.I. creation aspect and then work with a full-time developer to get apps done with better cost.

I have published apps in both the Android and Apple markets and I still get a check (albeit small) every month on sales that happen. I understand and have accounts that allow us to get apps up in the market for free or for sale. I also have a good understanding of the work involved so if we project manage, I can tell if a developer is full of it or being honest in billable hours.