LOL!, I can already imagine the hatorade, and social media beefs the internet assassins will unleash on people depending on how this is put for everyone to use.
These social media tools have been designed and continue to be tweaked by industrial psychologists, gaming (yes gambling) professionals for your eyes and attention. These “skinner boxes” that have been unleashed are creating a world where we see it through binoculars.
With FB losing subscribers for the first time. I expect them to unleash more “attention grabbing” tools to fight for your eyeballs.
What began as innocent communication tools to “connect people” has become a tool that is further dividing individuals and in creating a new set of psychology deficiencies that needs to be further studies and understood. (my opinion)
Turning off social media is not an answer as much as education. Preparing peoples psychology to counter efforts in the modern communication era and giving people further insight into the methodology on the who, what, where, when and how these companies operate to capture your attention is a start.
I truly hope for a better future.