Millimeter Wave Products Inc., is a manufacturer of mmwave products, components and systems. They manufacture and ship to clients globally. From Telecommunications companies, U.S. Military, defense contractors, research institutes, space agencies and more. I have worked with MIWV.com since 2011 when I came on board to help update their website that was not really performing for them.

Since that time, my role evolved with greater needs that grew from an avalanche of business that came from my direct efforts. It has been one of my best case studies in how effective I.T. and marketing systems combined to deliver superior results. Sales growth has come in helping push overall revenue several millions of dollars. Out of privacy I will not post it but its huge! The company in that time has doubled in size, and moved factory operations to larger facilities 3 times!

Some of what I implemented is listed below.



In 2011 I placed MIWV.com on WordPress to take advantage of the platforms growth and ease of use for other non-sophisticated users to also have a role in content creation. Our goal was to expose Mi-Waves products and capabilities globally. Another main area for change was choosing a good website hosting company. This is an often overlooked decision as companies or unknowing(Hipster) coders choose to opt for mainstream host providers out of cost or convenience.

WordPress is a great platform as it allows for extensions, plugins, customization, themes to be installed and has a great market of providers that can support the platform. For those that have higher skilled capabilities and server stack knowledge like Apache edits/configuration, they can further customize the stack to provide functions that can serve corporate needs.



A huge area of investment was SEO and SEM implementation. I started by conducting a thorough keyword research report and competitive analysis. This let me create campaigns that helped list the company #1 on Google for various terms. This information also helped support video marketing and pay per click campaigns.

The results were an overwhelming success as order inquires and sales exploded and created an avalanche of new business. Over the years I have maintained the companies seo/sem strategies and budgets as it has continued its growth in the industry.



I created and organized the companies graphic media assets as we grew. I choose our color palettes, fonts, and print media we would use. Our print catalog went from a black and white simple setup designed in Publisher to a full-color spread in InDesign that allowed for a beautiful display of products in print an digitally.

I still provide graphic projects when needed that cover everything from business cards to tradeshow booth designs and more.



What does tremendous growth do to a company? It makes them ask HOW are we going to grow and speed up our capabilities. We set out t find manufacturing workflow solutions a a company and eventually settled on none of them. Why? The burdensome implementation, costs, and capability never created a good solution. Much like users who choose QuickBooks yet most only realize 10% of its features. Instead I decided to start from the ground up and create SaaS solutions by department and personnel needs.

Today it has grown to cover every department and continues to help make workflow procedures efficient. This has lead to mobility and productivity increases as labor has been able to automate functions and behavior. Built completely using LAMP/Laravel/MVC technologies it continues to grow and expand into a powerful custom enterprise solution. Every company today can increase their efficiency curve. This helps them make more money AND save money.



I help create security policy and implement whats needed at many security layers for the company. From dedicated server security, Apache level security, LAN/WAN security, to desktop level virus/spyware security and management. With good security policy and implementation you can help make life harder for rouge organizations to achieve their goals. Most is typical script kiddie stuff and or bots seeking web server access for automated scripts probes and attacks (DDoS) and we have never suffered a major outage.

I once caught the U.S. Army’s Ft.Huachuca facility port scanning our dedicated servers. Although I chalked it up to a “training” we were visited by the FBI sooner after. We work with sensitive materials/products as well as work with global companies in providing advanced systems and needed to be reminded about export policies.



As mentioned in my skills area. I help maintain user level support remotely when needed. I’ve had to deal with any issues from Microsoft updating and causing an issue or users having issues with workflow software.

I use my remote access control software to login from anywhere in the world and help fix issues if possible. This was never a job function but i took it upon myself to help company personnel in their day to day needs.



I helped the company move from older web host provided email to G-Suites domain services. I was in competition with a local network services company that was trying to install a MS Exchange system company wide for users. I won by showing that it was an older method and I was proven right by where the industry is today.

It’s just a better way as the cost per user is drastically lower than older Windows Server/Exchange driven environments. It’s not even close and it provides a better environment as there is no hardware upkeep, costs, licensing and down issues that plagued these self-hosted systems.



I help maintain an effective pay per click campaign and budget dollars. Utilizing great keyword research, competitive analysis, and analytics. I created our Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn and YouTube pay per click campaigns to take advantage of these systems.

Used in combination with organic seo/sem campaigns it has become an extremely effective way of getting the company seen globally for everything it has o offer. Mutiple campaigns provide for niche specific targeting and results.



I have used video for the company to provide both marketing campaigns and customer feature support. Using YouTube I have been able to list videos to index high for keyword terms as part f an overall seo/sem strategy as well as use their paid adwords tool to use video marketing.

In product support, I helped create instruction videos for clients to learn and use software to control sub-systems we manufactured. This has helped as our sales team or an engineer does not have to be sent for software training a client and can utilize video training instead.



From day one I created a policy of establish a marketing database. In that we would utilize this information in various marketing campaigns. One of them specifically was email broadcasting.

I use get GetResponse to email industry contacts and clients. This direct marketing campaign has always generated results in increases of sales and inquiries. It’s a simple and effective way to generate more business.



I really enjoy seeing people that choose me to work with or for them grow. I take it personally and want to help in any way I can. In my time I have done whatever the company needed. From installing QuickBooks, integrating accounting schedules, security systems, radio ID cards, product manuals, custom FedEx modules, fixing PC’s, and more.

I really enjoy helping companies grow and look forward to fruitful long term relationships.