Out of all the areas that fascinate me. This one has really stimulated me to keep learning and applying. Since getting involved with marketing efforts and building systems. I found myself learning about industrial psychology and how companies employ individuals to assist in the development of marketing campaigns and software services. This page just shows a small example of many things learned over a decade of studying in this field. I have applied any successful campaigns where I used neuro science tactics.

From color theory, word framing, skinner boxes, above the fold concepts, facial bias, and more. Corporations have studied, documented and unleashed on the public neuro campaigns that we all can learn from. How do we convince someone to trust and transact from us? That question has lead to the development of “weaponized” systems that some can argue, have a negative social impact.



It still shocks me when I see companies employ poor color theory tactics. It’s not that hard of an area to grasp and one where it has major implications on humans subconscious decision making procedures.

I have used various color theory models along with other tactics to create influence driven media. Follow, study and deploy what some of the biggest companies and agencies are doing and you’ll pick up on tremendously effective knowledge.



What you say and how you say it can have major effects on the decision making process. It may sound so basic but most campaigns I see don’t use advanced techniques. I’ve been studying and testing through client campaigns this process as I refine my techniques. I really find fascinating that through the use of wording, images, color you can tailor your message to influence the masses.

“Take Music Lessons” or “Become a Great Musician”? If you’re a music school and want to cultivate your clients minds subconsciously then you’ll take them to their dream goals instead of promoting yourself with a basic message that competes with others. This simple tactics has helped me shape some awesome marketing campaigns for many others.



As an application developer and web designer. You have to account for how your user intakes information. Tools like heatmaps or analytics lets you peer into the behavior of how humans consume and move through information systems.

Depending on the job, I’ll continually deploy tools to measure your audience to see if we can better evolve interfaces that help shape behavior.