Elizabeth Farrell Music

In one of the best campaigns and case studies. I helped launch Elizabeth Farrell from a struggling home based music instructor to running over three studios, over six staffed instructors, and plans to expand more. This growth does not happen by accident. It happens when great business owners use great marketing tactics that help grow.

In 2013 I started working with Elizabeth Farrell to create campaigns that would drive traffic and increase brand equity. The campaigns were based on years of research prior on brand awareness and neuro hacking. I was not surprised of the growth as I am 100% successful when operations follow a specific guideline that creates a great eco-system of marketing and information technology to work hand in hand.



One of the first tools to begin operations was a well designed website and online strategy. Using tools like WordPress as a platform, I crafted a campaign that would utilize neuro marketing tactics, color theory, and brand creation for the public consumer. From there quality content and training Elizabeth on how to use her website as well in content marketing helped the public in using the website as a music resource.

The results helped create a well performing website that acted as a lead generator and customer resource.



As with all website campaigns. I use WordPress not just for the ease of use for the client to blog and make causal updates, but because I also create custom search tools, plugins and procedures with it that tip the advantages toward your business.

With EF Music, I created custom seo needs as well as keyword reports to target high use keywords. Within months she was in the first page results from various keywords relative to her business and receiving massive inquiries that turned into clients.



I helped Elizabeth Farrell Music establish her branding, graphics, and print marketing needs. From what font’s we should use, to what color, to what wording should be used in marketing messages. I wanted to make sure every marketing resource was used to our benefit.

Along the way I would help design event tickets, flyers, app graphics, ebooks for students and more. I even taught Elizabeth how to use Adobe Photoshop along the way so she could edit files as needed.



I established Elizabeth Farrell Music’s pay per click campaigns on Google, Bing and YouTube. By meticulously planning and creating ad campaigns based on specific keywords and services. I achieved high AdRank that helped keep a low click cost.

As organic search claimed number one positions for specific keywords, I would turn off Adwords to further make every dollar count.



To this day Elizabeth Farrell benefited from when Google was giving away free their G Suite services. I helped establish her accounts early on and she has been able to continue for free use their services via grandfathered clauses.

This early entry could only have been seen possible by taking advantage of emerging technologies.



I helped Elizabeth understand the importance of data collection tactics and email marketing. Through the use of this ow cost effort she was able to generate new business leads from new and previous clients continually.

It was one of many tactics in an eco-system of marketing tools and services available.



Using low cost video tactics and creation. I helped Elizabeth Farrell Music create low cost video commercials and campaigns to use on YouTube. They helped serve both organic seo/sem needs as well as pay per click marketing ads.

See one example of a video below.



One afternoon I observed Elizabeth creating flash cards manually for students to learn music notes. I told her that she should provide an app for that. At first she didn’t believe that people would pay for the app. I accepted the challenge and developed a simple flash card application for mobile and tablet devices and then added a higher price than the norm in the market. I did all the U.I. and interface design, navigation flow and a full-time app developer helped me finish the device coding for Android and iPhone.

Not only was I right, but sales continue to this day all around the world for this app.