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Harris Law Group like many others were in the typical industry rut of using technology and marketing platforms that are recycled, reused and under perform against custom created campaigns that engage the user. In 2014 I started working with Harris Law Group. My goal was simple. Help increase growth and his business that was suffering from what is common marketing inefficiency and neglect in a changing world of technology.

Walking into his operations he was still spending money on things like Yellow Pages advertising that served better as a step ladder in your garage then a resource to bring you business. The following below is a brief recap on areas I keyed in on to help him improve on leads in one of the most highly competitive marketing industries in the U.S.



Using WordPress as the backend, I helped establish Tom on a custom theme than what he was using. From the regular suite of plugins I use, I also helped with my own custom plugins that helped in SEO/SEM implementation. I also had Tom move to a host that provided superior services in the industry. The goal was to use every technical advantage we could for future SEO/Em campaigns.

The website itself went through a complete overhaul as I meticulously created custom URLS for keyword campaigns, content, and neuro marketing tactics with wording and imagery. The goal was to create a sub-conscious guide for users who land on the website and carried the to a call-to-action. In this world its all about generating calls or emails so those to human behavior impulses were my goal. There are other tactics that I do not publish in order to maintain a good competitive advantage over others.



After extensive keyword research, competitive analysis, and analytic research I devised what would be our seo/sem strategy to span 18-24 months. From onsite seo for every single page, to seo of outside digital property channels and more we launched the campaigns to help the website list on the top of search engines.

I was working with a limited budget since this form was not as big as state or regional powerhouses. I was against companies like Morgan and Morgan or bigger budget regional providers who had full-time staff, larger advertising, adwords and marketing budgets. The goal and tactics I had for The Harris Law Group called for a 12-24 months of sustained good seo strategies. Instead within 3-6 months I was devastating the competition in the region with a fraction of the budget! See Results below…



At the same time with all the other initiatives, I also took over The Harris Law Group’s Google Ad campaigns. When I first went through it, he had mad the classic mistake of using Google Ads Express. This tool is not your friend! I created a Google Adwords and Bing Ads account. i then created custom campaigns for specific keywords that helped me gain AdRank over competition.

This combined with organic SEO/SEM results brought in a tsunami of clients for The Harris Law Group. This was a good example of how I created better targeted ad campaigns in Adwords using refined techniques. This is crucial in an industry that has the highest per-click costs for #1 ad position. Combined with great AdRank, custom URLs, great landing page content, my campaigns performed better than the big budget law firs who used agencies that thought throwing money at Adwords would solve their needs.



With growth comes a new set of problems on how to efficiently balance ore business. I created a way that helped automate paperwork, intake, and more.

Why get on a cal with a potential client and say “I’ll email you documents to print, fill, sign, and fax/email back” when you can have them instantly fill out your official documents. See video for ore details.



I wanted as many eyes on The Harris Law Group’s brand that I created a video commercial for his firm. I wrote a 30 second commercial script, created a rough timeline and purchased professionally shot stock footage to match scenes. To finish, I hired a professional voice provider to recite my script according to the video scenes.

In the end I had a professionally created video ready to use on YouTube for SEO/SEM and pay per click marketing. I optimized the video and then used targeted ad placement for YouTube. Its an awesome feeling when you see someone say “I saw that” commercial on YouTube. It helped tremendously with his marketing and branding as we continued every campaign.

See Video



I was outgunned budget wise in this industry so I had to be that much more creative and far reaching with neuro marketing tactics. Everything from imagery, wording, call to actions, web flow, content creation and everything along the way I asked myself if I could manipulate to my advantage.

I also helped him create bi-lingual landing pages and campaigns.



The Harris Law Group was a cut above the rest when it came to service providers. I knew that by getting this message across I could help. The results were simply astonishing as I took his yearly average case load and made it his avg monthly volume! Even the local ABC7 news channel contacted him to be a professional sources on a story they were conducting. They found him through Google!

Today The Harris Law Group maintains a healthy flow of business as he works on specific cases and has considered expanding operations.

See texts from them personally below.