I love good design, color theory and the psychology of design whether its a Website, U.I. or a postcard. Often overlooked at many companies it really creates a look/feel about who your company is and what service it offers. Photoshop and InDesign are ones I continually use today. I’m limited in Illustrator usage as I never went deeper down the design rabbit hole but have used in when necessary to complete a need.

While my background/degrees are more technical, I have taken (and still do) coursework and online coursework on graphic design, layout, creation and more. I’ve used Photoshop probably longer than most I meet (since 1997) as it was a main tool in prepress work along with other software in the print industry (read below) and have seen how its evolved over time. Today I run my own full suite of Adobe CC.



In high school and college I worked at a full service prepress and printing company. I started doing simple shop work on bindery equipment, plate making, match printing and even stripping!, for those really old school folks. I would eventually go to a 2 color ABDICK to a 4 color Roland press. To this day I thank that start in life as it gave me direction to the I.T. industry but exposed me to the world of print media. It is one that has seen tremendous change in the information age and I have been able to tap into that knowledge to help companies I work with on printing needs.

Today, I can easily help companies professionally design, layout and choose a printer based on needs and costs. I have access to trade printers and understand fully how to prepare files, bleeds, layered files and more depending on job. From simple work like business cards or postcards or company catalogs to larger work, like where I helped a major publication in Tampa produce monthly magazine runs of 140,000 and more per month.



As mentioned above I run my own version of Adobe CC. Since its gone to cloud creative app delivery, I maintain the latest versions. I can help any company set and maintain graphic assets as needed. I have a library of professionally created graphic and print files that are Photoshop ready, InDesign ready, and even illustrator ready.

If you choose to work with me, just know that you wont need to worry about providing me with the tools needed to get the job done.



I have helped businesses setup and execute direct mail campaigns. I can help you properly format print media for direct mail (bulk rate) advertising. From properly having your address lists, to us looking into the market for address lists in geographical areas to target all the way to printing and setting up direct mail services for your campaign.

As mentioned though the site. I helped real estate firms, dental firms, and large volume 150,000-200,000 monthly production and mail runs.