Frame Overlays

I built www.FBOverlays.com for several reasons. The first was when I was managing marketing initiatives for a public event. We’ve a seen the frame generator Facebook provides for users. It basically takes your profile picture and adds a picture on top of it. After seeing that its tools rally didn’t fit what I was looking for as far as analytics, and promotional use I created the FBoverlays.com platform.

Facebook has developer tools, API’s, and platforms that allow people to extend the Facebook platform to build a custom experience. Using these tools I created a better tool that allowed users to upload images, create and share the profile page.

The bigger feature was for event owners that needed more analytics on usage of their event frames, page shares, and how many people are helping spread the word using these filters.

It was also a time saving tool as many event owners typically ave a graphic designer or team creating these manually. This tool helped eliminate that need and bypasses hours of graphic deign hourly costs.



The Facebook App has created over 7 million impressions with over 80,000 subscribers. I have been approached about monetizing the pages, partnering with product services companies and other ventures that the tool provides. I have created custom frame platforms for certain marketing and user organizations for profit but have not expanded the tool itself.

In 2018, I had to adjust terms and even rewrite some application procedures as terms of service with Facebook have changed. Since the Cambridge Analytica scandals, Facebook has come down harder on developers and their access to user data. As a third party developer, you’re at the mercy of what terms they deem available and can just change anything on a whim.