I have been doing SEO/SEM work since about 2007 when I helped my brothers real estate firm get up and running with website needs. From there, I helped implement seo and then sem strategies. Little did I know it would be an avalanche of work as the success rates by helping them attain #1 Google placement and tons of leads and I still do today with many others. Over the years times have changes, strategies continue to evolve and search engines refine their methods of ranking through algorithm changes.

My advantage over traditional seo/sem folks has been a technical programing background that includes server knowledge. Today it comes in use as we go through the traditional seo implementations then more advanced technical questions that include reducing line code latency, or client side run-times aimed to make the user experience better for seo/sem and also shave milliseconds off since site speed has a small but existent algorithmic result.



Part of any professional seo/sem strategy is using YouTube. How could you not? It’s the second largest used search engine in the world and many think it may one day pass traditional search behavior. I have helped create, produce, edit video using Adobe Premiere/After Effects primarily for clients. Once created these videos became marketable prices of information to use on YouTube where I could apply SEO and SEM strategies as well as use it in targeted ad placement.

From injury attorneys, music schools, tech companies and more. I’ve helped companies create and use videos as part of digital marketing campaigns. It’s such an underused tool that surprises me today how little it gets implemented. It gives me an unfair advantage at times when I see my competitors not fully utilizing video for seo/sem and pay-per click marketing.



I stumped Google! LOL. Today Google Adwords is a great tool to instantly get listed on search engines for keywords relative to your business. The problem? Every time I helped look at a business using Adwords or worse (Adwords Express) for example it was poorly setup. Leading to clients saying it hasn’t or doesn’t work. There is way more than just dumping in keywords. I can see how/why some companies employ Adwords Specialists as a full-time job. From proper campaign setups, keyword match types, AdRank, landing page formats, and so much more.

I helped a law firm in Sarasota Fl compete against high budget competitors who thought it was all about money. I helped this personal injury attorney compete in one of the highest cost per click industries with a fraction of the budget. This lead him to get more calls, which lead to more closed cases without having to pay so much. I’ve also done this with global technology company where I still maintain their Adwords campaigns and budget.



Do you shoot at a target with a blindfold on? Then why do you think you can compete in the SEO/SEM world without good preparation and intelligence research. Great SEO campaigns have been because you have prepared. Tools like,, Google Insights, WebMaster Tools, and more help give you vital information on keywords, report building, target keywords, long tail keywords, competition, opportunities and more. Good SEO/SEM providers are great at research and preparation before any technical need.

I own a full multi-account. If you work with me, then I will use this tool and several others to help us collect information for your seo/sem campaign.