My ability to help businesses in many areas comes from me working with many throughout years. One area of technology usage has been the implementation of LAW/WAN needs. As mentioned, when I interned at MCI/WordComm I studied networking and attained certifications along the way while in college. This knowledge of protocols, routers, switches, servers, mainframe systems, node deployment helped me work with companies in various capacities.

I can help create topology maps for local LAN needs. This industry is going through large change as it evolves away from the headlock that certain companies have had. Today depending on your needs you may not need the traditional I.T. rack/room if you fully realize the power of cloud applications, better cost, reliability and efficiency. Read below.



A new generation of server architecture is upon us. Google, Amazon, Microsoft Office 365 are examples of how your company can use a different way of getting things done. I have installed, manged and maintain for certain companies these services to replace older model deployments like Windows Server or Exchange Server for company email.

From single user domain setups to 80+ user migrations. I can help your company upgrade the technology infrastructure it sits on to pave the way for future development. Access AWS api’s for custom developed applications, or create them on Googles Cloud Computer platform. All this I can help your company with.



Having a highly technical background, it gives e a good base to help any business I work with on many things. Along the way in the spirit of helping businesses I have worked on installing security systems, rack rooms, patch panels, electronic door access systems, networked QuickBooks databases, install FedEx/UPS hardware and software, custom machine label makers, run a lathe/CNC, created billboard videos, setup tradeshow booths we created, operate drones/edited footage and more.

I’m naturally curious and love getting my hands into things, experimenting and just connecting the dots on what a business needs. I never find myself bored.



I run GoToAssist and have a 100 user license or access web servers via panels or SSH. These tool for example allows me to login to a persons computer when they are experiencing trouble. I help maintain servers and even desktop computers for one company all remotely! It’s completely understandable for companies to fear this level of access but through time and proof of work I have gained companies trust by doing things that have been ethically right.

I have helped not just with maintenance, but cyber security needs from web server layers to desktop system issues like spyware, malware and ransomware defense/removal.