Hi! I’m Brian Galvan

Thanks for visiting my website! I set this website up for potential employers, partners, business owners & project leads to view and see what I can bring to the table. I have what is now 18 years of experience from working in print/pre-press shops, NOC (network operations centers) where I worked as a CCNA/MCP during college while studying computer science and programming, to electronics & RF engineering in the U.S. military where upon leaving, I went back into the I.T. industry and began a life of web development, cloud application development and continued my studies in marketing/psychology that would later help in overall business marketing an digital marketing.

One of the greatest strengths along with a heavy technical background is working with and understanding business needs. Working directly with business owners in the last 13 years has given me a deeper understanding of what’s needed, wanted, and what works as our world and technology evolves.

Managing costs,effectiveness, ROI, and many business end needs to make it work has been an awesome experience. I’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies in team roles all the way to homemakers working on part-time startup businesses.

Today, I can tackle any SMB needs. From small jobs to ongoing web, digital marketing and cloud software needs and more. I’m experienced, constantly evolving and have the skills to fill whatever need your company has. Please see navigation for skills and examples of case studies.



Finding the right clients, employers, business owners and entrepreneurs is what I seek today. It’s my main goal of finding great business relationships just works and I can help deliver results, growth and evolve technology while helping grow the business. I know I can deliver results once I get a good understanding of what’s needed. My goal is to earn your trust and respect as I seek the same.

If you’ve landed on this page then it’s most likely that I sent you an inquiry to work with or for. On this website I list all the areas that I work in and what I currently am doing today. It doesn’t take me long to really see what type of organization or individual I am working with and will respectfully decline if I feel I won’t be a fit to your company.



The navigation buttons are areas for you to see the specific skills that I can bring to the table. Click in to them as I have text and video information covering certain aspects that help you see what i can do for you.


One of my biggest investments is in myself constantly. From online courses to sharpen skill, university followup courses to simply on-the-job training I take what I know and apply it to whatever job or project I have at hand. In the world of I.T. if you don’t keep up and advance your skills you’ll be left behind.



I really can’t stress enough how much I love seeing growth for people that I work for and with to know and see the results of planning and execution and making someone reach their goals truly makes me happy. I live and thrive on results. This is how and why I keep my relationships forever with people that I work with. See what people have said after working with me below and others on my LinkedIn page.

“Brian was great to work with. If there was ever any question about anything computers Brian was the guy to go to. If it was Web based or hardware based…”

Gary Ricker

“Its evident Brian brings a unique combination of marketing and IT knowledge skills to help companies with growth and customer acquisition…”

Kristy Bolingbroke

“I highly recommend Brian for any I.T. & digital marketing needs. been able to do for my law firm. From web development that helps convert leads, to fixing my Adwords investment…”

Thomas Harris




You can reach me at (813) 440-1907 or by emailing me below. I would love to chat about how I can possibly help your business with its needs.